Not just the beach! Our Noosa accommodation features much more

Marketing Ocean Breeze - Friday, March 18, 2016

While the Sunshine Coast remains an idyllic place to relax and unwind for your vacation, people have different methods of relaxation. Some like the beach and a cocktail, some prefer to sightsee a little, and some prefer to sightsee from dawn until dusk. And others prefer a little more adrenalin.

If this last category fits you, you have come to the right place. Noosa Heads features some of the finest adventure sports to be had anywhere in Queensland. From saltwater and freshwater fishing charters, to water sports, to more terrestrial pursuits such as hiking and mountain biking, your Noosa accommodation with us here at Ocean Breeze Resort puts you in striking distance of them all.

The Noosa River, and nearby Lake Weyba, serve as a nursery and host for a number of saltwater fish. Many congregate around the mouths of these rivers, as they prepare to run and rear offspring. These smaller fish attract larger fish, which, in turn, attracts you. With numerous well-regarded fishing charters ready for you, you can access them easily.

Meanwhile, Noosa National Park lies just to the east of us, its impressive peaks dominating the view. Locals have carved paths up these slopes and along the impressive shorelines, allowing our visitors the chance to experience directly the magic of the coast on their own. They can be walked or pedalled: and with plenty of convenient cycle enthusiasts nearby, you will not have to go far to get equipped.

Meanwhile, back nearer to the beach, water sports await those who look for wakeboarding and jet-skiing opportunities. When you pay us a visit here in Noosa, you have choice at your fingertips for whatever activity gets your blood going. At the end of the day, you can retire to the beach, just outside your door, and slow the pace back down again.

We're sure you've had worse days than that. Contact us today to get started!

Ocean Breeze Resort discusses the renowned Hastings Street experience

Marketing Ocean Breeze - Friday, February 05, 2016

If you’ve spent time in the iconic town of Noosa Heads, you have surely found yourself admiring the picturesque tree-lined avenue of Hastings Street. The centre of town, and the main starting point for many holiday makers to begin their day, this seaside street never fails to impress.

 With everything only a moments walk away, accommodation on Hastings Street simply means convenience: you are never far away from a great cup of coffee or a meal in the shade. The numerous cafes and bars along this stretch offer a wide enough variety of dining experiences to keep you occupied throughout your stay, from family restaurants to beachfront restaurants and bars with live music.

 It’s not only tasty food that keeps locals and tourists coming back to Hastings Street. With the beach nearby, accommodation on Hastings Street allows you to alternate between spending time on the beach, escaping the sun’s heat in the shade of an umbrella or cafe, or the air conditioning of a local boutique. With something on offer for people of all ages, holidaymakers can spend their time doing exactly what they please.

 This tree-lined stretch of road along Laguna Bay lends itself perfectly to the relaxed pace and friendly vibe of the town of Noosa Heads. Combined with the outstanding beach and opportunities for recreation in the nearby Noosa National Park, booking accommodation on Hastings Street puts everything you need for a fine holiday within easy reach.

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Holiday Accommodation in Noosa Heads: A Wealth of Options

Marketing Ocean Breeze - Thursday, January 21, 2016

Beautiful Noosa Heads has long been a vacationers' hub. It has all the ingredients: a charming seaside village, the striking surroundings of the Sunshine Coast, and one of the finest beaches on the east coast. People have been coming here to relax for nearly a century, and it doesn't look like it's going to stop any time soon.

The appeal of booking Noosa Heads accommodation goes well beyond its pristine beaches. The main streets in town offer boutique shopping within easy reach of the water. Once you've had enough of the sun, many make use of the shops to cool off. Outstanding cuisine is also on offer, overlooking the striking scenery, both indoor and alfresco.

Nearby, Noosa National Park offers some of the finest nature walks to be seen anywhere. You can lose yourself amid the leafy green paths in this enormous area, beating the heat in the shade of the high canopy of leaves.

Nearby in Tewantin, there is an unexpected surprise for those looking for some holiday adrenalin: some of the best mountain biking in the area snakes it's way down from the top of Mt Tinbeerwah. There are tracks for riders of all skill levels, from beginners, to those necessitating full suspension bikes to tackle them. Bike rentals are available nearby in Noosa Heads for those looking to get their blood pumping.

With all these amenities and activities waiting for you, Noosa Heads is an outstanding spot to book your holiday accommodation. At Ocean Breeze Resort, We would love to host you, so contact us today.

Ocean Breeze Resort: Noosa Accommodation incorporating Green Space

Marketing Ocean Breeze - Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It has been well established that green spaces serve to relax and refresh us. They offer us a quiet and calming landscape for us to find a moment to take a quiet break from our busy lives, surrounded by natural features. City planners have lately attempted to encourage the creation of more spaces like these, but enjoying them can be a rare luxury for many urbanites.

It is this scarcity that encouraged us to include greenery and natural features in to our Noosa accommodations. At Ocean Breeze Resort, we know that a key focus for your vacation is to find your centre and refresh yourself, and we like to include such assets as green space right in to our landscape.

Our accommodations incorporate temperate gardens throughout the grounds. As well, we are located within 50 metres of some of the most outstanding nature walks in the region. The coastal rainforest here provides the perfect setting to expand upon the natural theme provided by our resort.

When you need a few days to recharge your batteries, a true jungle has been well established to beat out the urban jungle. At Ocean Breeze Resort, we can guarantee ample time among a natural setting.

Hope to see you soon.

The Evolution of Noosa

Marketing Ocean Breeze - Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Shire of Noosa first finds its way in to public record in the log of Captain Cook's first voyage, as he made his way along the Australian coast. A small harbour by the mouth of the Noosa River, the site was noted for its tropical beaches and clear blue water.

As Europeans began to settle the region, Noosa Heads began to spread its humble roots as a fishing village. 'Coaster' trading schooners plied the coastline between these small hamlets, as few were connected by road or rail at this point. This was set to change with the Gympie Gold Rush, just north of the Noosa Heads region: thousands of gold seekers thronged the port, intent on carving out their share of the rush. This boom was helped along by prospectors seeking to exploit the rich timber of the tropical forest at the same time.

However, soon after the Second World War, tourism in Noosa took over. As southern Queensland continued to grow its urban centres, more and more city residents began to look elsewhere, to find an area to put aside purely for vacationing and relaxation. Noosa Heads, with its abundance of natural beauty and outstanding climate, was a prime candidate. Accommodation and housing for holidaying Queenslanders and out-of-state visitors soon sprang up in Noosa, and the city was transformed.

The summer population now triples during holidays, when urbanites flood the beaches. The regions population also continues to grow, as some find the allure of Noosa and the Sunshine Coast too tough to resist year-round. An entire infrastructure of good restaurants and tourist excursions has sprung up to complement the beach vibe, ourselves included.

At Ocean Breeze Resort, we offer self-contained apartment style accommodation right in the heart of bustling Hastings Street and just a moments stroll to Noosa's stunning main beach and the entrance to Noosa National Park. Our clean and spacious apartments are set amongst lush gardens, ensuring your stay, and your senses, reflect the tropical grandeur of Noosa Heads and the Sunshine Coast region.

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It’s all about location

Marketing Ocean Breeze - Friday, September 04, 2015

The beautiful Sunshine Coast has been a focal point of tourism in southern Queensland for many years. The stunning scenery and outstanding beaches of the coastline here have drawn tourists, holidaymakers, and backpackers, for well over a century. The landscape, combined with the weather and laid-back pace, have encouraged repeated visits from both Australians and foreigners looking for some rest and relaxation.

Location is what makes our Sunshine Coast accommodation special. Situated in beautiful Noosa Heads, our resort sits across from the renowned Main Beach, only a very short walk from your apartment. It is considered one of the premier beaches in the area, and is just 50 meter from your doorstep! Step out of bed and in to a world of crashing waves, white sand, and salty air, and you will understand what makes the Sunshine Coast a destination for sun-seekers from around the globe.

At Ocean Breeze Resort, we offer affordable self contained apartment style accommodation, set amongst lush tropical gardens in this picturesque seaside location. Featuring kitchen and laundry facilities, along with cable television and free wi-fi, ensure that our accommodations will make your Sunshine Coat experience both memorable, and convenient to your needs. A short walk brings you to Hastings Street, where you will find amenities and shopping, for the afternoons when you may have caught too much sunshine on the beach!

Noosa Heads offers a number of exciting tours and experiences for our guests. On the water, there is surfing, paddle boarding, sportfishing charters and kitesurfing lessons available for the more adventurous types. For those less inclined to an adrenalin spike, Noosa offers ample wining, dining and boutique shopping opportunities in the peaceful enclave of Hastings Street, a leisurely stroll through the pristine Noosa National Park or a good book on a sun bed by the pool. To make the most of your holiday, location is paramount and at our accommodation on the Sunshine Coast, we think we’ve nailed it.

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"We stayed here primarily for the location, which is in the centre of everything Noosa. All the appointments are quality. Overall it is very good..."

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